Designing for Success


The Çiçek Shipyard decided in 2005  that it should be creating its own ship designs specially tailored to the needs of its customers, the markets and the capabilities of its own construction facilities. Adding this capability has proved very successful, attracting a number of owners and resulting in the production of a number of highly efficient ships that have secured profitable employment in a variety of trades.

Çiçek Shipyard's speciality for several years was in the construction of chemical/products tankers and these continue to be the mainstay of its business. With its new design expertise, the company has been able to modify the detailed design of such vessels, reducing costs and building time so as to deliver complex ships at competitive prices.

Çiçek's latest designs include a 25,000dwt bulk carrier and a 3,080dwt chemical/products tanker. Both types are now under construction and are attracting strong interest despite the current economic situation as they meet a range of new mandatory requirements that will render redundant many older ships currently trading in these market sectors.

The shipbuilder prides itself on now being able to take on contracts for a wide variety of ship types. Recent deliveries have included multi-purpose /breakbulk container vessels and tankers of up to 40,000dwt while the yard's new building dock now enables Çiçek to build Panamax vessels.


Cicek Shipyard Design Department

The Çiçek Shipyard Design Department was established in 2006 as a design bureau with the major objective of providing professional services in the fields of Naval Architecture, Ship Design and Ship Construction. Assisted by a strong team of qualified professionals including engineers and naval architects, the department is headed by Celal Çiçek, a highly regarded naval architect who has 39 years' experience working in shipbuilding and ship design.

The department is equipped with powerful modern computers, which are used for the design of a wide range of ship types and are capable of

  producing highly detailed drawings and performing a wide range of complex calculations extremely quickly.

Çiçek utilizes the latest programs supplied by leading international software specialists. These include Napa, Nupas-Cadmatic (for improving quality and design & production efficiency) and AutoCAD (for preparing all necessary drawings and detailing).

In the early design stages and also during construction and delivery, it is vital to obtain reliable and accurate information quickly. It is also essential that extensive design changes to the geometry model can be made swiftly and easily, as needed. With Napa, we can quickly and easily model surfaces and compartments in 3D, perform relevant detailed analysis, make changes and re-evaluate the design to ensure that it is technically feasible and satisfies the requirements of the nature, the shipowner, the shipyard and the authorities.

The Napa system contains all of the functions needed by users when designing ships and performing the many and varied calculations required, so enabling optimum solutions to be selected for a wide range of tasks including:


- Hull form design
- Compartments and internal geometry
- General arrangement
- Speed and power predictions
- Hydrostatics and stability
- Damage stability
- Loading conditions and intact stability studies
- Longitudinal strength
- Weight and cost estimation
- Required freight rate studies
- Tank calibration and capacity tables
- Freeboard and tonnage calculation
- General purpose optimization tools
- Drawings and documentation



Nupas-Cadmatic is used for 3D modelling of the hull structure from the basic design through to the detailed and production engineering of hull blocks, assemblies, panels and parts. Piping design and production is also handled by this system. Nupas contains all of the functions necessary for the construction and plant design of ships so that the optimum design solutions are obtained.


AutoCAD is the 2D and 3D drawing software which we use to produce all types of drawings. For the entire design process, AutoCAD presents an easy way to prepare detailed engineering and architectural drawings, production drawings and 3D modelling images.

The Çiçek Shipyard Design Department is able to design a wide range of ship types that fully satisfy customer needs, international rules and the requirements of national authorities. From the beginning of a project, all of the necessary documents, technical papers, drawings and calculations can be prepared, including:


? Conceptual design and brief technical specifications for new ships
? Contract specification and technical consulting
? Detailed ship design and documentation, consisting of:

- Plan drawings according to classification society specifications
- Engineering calculations (such as form design, longitudinal & transverse strength, stability, CFD, FEM)
- Workshop documentation and cutting files
? Consulting and assistance on site during shipbuilding process
? Onboard delivery documentation (ship manuals, instructions and service guides, etc.)
Çiçek Shipyard Design Department always develops its own working processes enabling us to construct for our customers better ships whilst minimising man-hours and time spent on construction procedures.


The NUPAS system contains all of the functions necessary for the Construction and plant design of ships so that  the optimum design solution is obtained.